Imagem Negociações


The trading techniques employed by Piza are directed for two demands of relevant needs: the contractual negotiation and conflict negotiation.

In the business world, some businesses can maximize gains or generate thunderous savings for individuals and corporations, only with the application of determined negotiation techniques and strategically used by specialized professionals. This is a Contract Negotiation - the Deal Making.

On the other hand, with the deterioration of the state conflict resolution forms, whether the difficulty of judgment because of the current volumes of proceeding or the high probability of maneuvers aimed at delaying the solved deals, trading became a highly powerful tool to find middle positions between eventual litigants. This is what is called conventionally as Dispute Resolution.

The Piza brings together highly qualified professionals in Strategic Planning and Negotiation Techniques, prepared to act in any business environment, whether to resolve conflicts, operate strategic alliances, adjust the purchase and sale of high-value assets or draw fair and balanced compromises between parties, always observing the necessary security and fairness essential to business.