Imagem Planejamento Tributário

Tax Planning

The Tax Planning is a consulting process aiming to optimize the economic efficiency of the tax payers, in order to save their resources directed to meeting tax obligations.

Planning incident taxation is a right, a preventive measure, of any individual or entity, national or international, to collect exclusively as due to the tax authorities around the world.

The tax legislation around the globe, especially the Brazilian, has a complicated volume of bonds, deserving, thus a tax planning performed by highly trained and skilled professionals - who are able to minimize tax impacts without causing constraints or greater gravity problems.

Piza’s work is to provide the client with a safe and conservative planning, while promoting maximum savings within the existing legal rules in various jurisdictions, helping taxpayers to make wise use of intelligence mechanisms at their disposal and move away from any risk of evasion, paying how much, when and how in a proper manner: no less, nor more than they should.