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Asset and Estate Planning - Wealth Planning

Estate Planning and Probate - or Wealth Planning, as it is known-is the work that aims to structure the family, business or personal assets, helping to build it, organize it, preserve it and make it able to a safe and economical succession for future generations.

The Wealth Planning is a set of Tax, Succession and Property Planning made available to families, patriarchs and companies, seeking the most effective maintenance of the wealth that has been or is being built. The purpose of this consultancy is very broad: it can be summarized from a simple solution of tax questions to the structure of transnational bodies structured to wealth management.

Taking care of family assets and inheritance is about Piza’s own history. Performing with its clients what Piza’s own family has experienced is much more than a service to provide or perform: is a true vocation.

In the office second generation and the fourth of his entrepreneurial succession line, Piza knows the importance of heritage preservation, secure succession, segregation to the typical risks of the business activity, but mainly the far more important asset of the human being and society: the family.

Therefore, rather than performing a specialized job, the existential scope of Piza's partners is to plan and execute the most varied forms of equity and family succession in an integrated and flexible manner, harmonizing the history and culture of each client with the most sophisticated legal instruments available around the globe.

Allocating the equity and family succession, segregating the assets conquered from the typical risks of the business activity in positions subject to global platforms with legal certainty, has been our trademark. Hence, in addition to the allocation strategies, Piza values a performance of the services in continuous and high quality levels, ensuring succeed and successors maximum instrumental understanding in the management of their assets and in the form of their implementation.